Panoskin Pro Discount for Photographers




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    Gazaly samsadeen

    What about Sri Lanka? we are Sri Lankans new to STV technology. and also monthly salary is very less.


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    Hi Gazaly! Sri Lanka is included in our discounted rate for Panoskin Pro. If you feel you qualify, please contact Support at

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    Arindom Hazarika

    I am unable to pay with my cards

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    Hugo Perez

    Antony hi.i am ready to buy..How can i pay?? 


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    Grzegorz Stanisławski

    Hi! how to get discounnt? im from Poland.

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    Mohamed Ksouri
    how can i get the 50% discount for the annual pro membership, knowing that i live in a country with min pay of $ 1000 / month.
    I am in Tunisia
    thank you ;)
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    Bojan Trenchevski

    I live in Macedonia, one of the poorest countries in Europe. How can I subscribe with a 50% discount?

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