Lesson 10: Understanding Islands vs. Levels




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    Oleg Kostyukevich

    Is it possible to connect the levels to each other?

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    Adam Fraiel

    Did you ever receive an answer to this?

    *** Edit *** Ignore me. Make both levels visible, and then hold shift between the 2 points. Note to self: Read the instructions first! :)

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    Bryan Sier

    Hi there,


    Is there a way to relocate pictures to a different island. I have uploaded a tour automaticly trough matterport. Now i have downloaded an old tour with panoskin but some of the pictures are on the wrong island. I have to replace them to a different island without deleting them and re-uploading again. 



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    Hi Bryan, 

    I am presuming you have a PRO membership since you were able to import the tour.

    I would suggest:

    1. Download the 360 images that you want to move. (In the upload photos tab)
    2. Remove the 360 images from the incorrect island. (take them out of the build tour section first then the upload photos tab)
    3. Upload the downloaded 360 images to the correct island. (In the upload photos tab)
    4. Add them to your constellation. (Build tour tab)
    5. Hit the publish button to send the information to Google to update. (publish to google tab)


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