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    Craig Jurkoic

    I made multiple videos with Fusion and Fusion Studio.

    Your app is unable to upload them.

    I discussed this extensively with Panoskin via email.  I did everything you suggest.  Still, Trailblazer did not perform successfully.  Not once.  

    After several months, I'm forced to conclude: Panoskin's app is a failure; Trailblazer does not work. 

    - Craig

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    Mark Henninger

    Hello Anthony,

    I love Trailblazer and am on the cusp of a half million photo spheres uploaded with over 300 miles covered.

    I have a problem though. For some reason my recent uploads show the date of capture as 12/31/69

    Any idea what could be causing that?

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    Prashanth Randadath

    Hi Anthony 

    Followed all as described on this post. But Google processing failed. 

    What to do? 

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